Who is Datastream? We innovate and build business for our clients.

Innovation by Design

Great ideas are often separated by an execution gap. Datastream has brought many new products to life and helped build multiple companies, while supplying existing companies with new startup-vision and innovation to transform their businesses.

The cloud and mobile web is a powerful business differentiator for businesses that adapt and build solid foundations. Your customers demand security and privacy from you. They demand reliability and engaged support.

We get it. We have been building businesses for 14 years. As a start-up incubator and product development specialists, we position our clients for results.


Go global. Reduce costs. Stop relying on Uncle Ted's hosting. As development and cloud specialists, our team provides the building blocks to grow or explode without large up front costs.


We've helped many business startup and existing business improve processes and better leverage technology options without breaking the bank.


Security is crucial to the health of your business and perception by your customers. Our extensive experience helps us guide you through the new reality of online operations.


You work from everywhere, and your phone is an extension of your arm. Your customers are no different. Effective mobile options today are more important than a simple site.

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We have tackled critical infrastructure issues, e-commerce, collaboration and community projects, social media apps, and mobile applications for clients from all sectors.

  • Government
  • Fortune 500
  • Professional Associations
  • Media
  • Small Business
  • Sports
  • Non-Profits
  • Start-Ups

We specialize in collaborative and critical component development and consulting to deliver increased security, reliability and efficiencies for our customers.


We enjoy having a broad skills portfolio, but we also recognize you need specialists in important areas.



Mobile Applications

Big Data/Analytics

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Every pixel and line of code lovingly built to make your business sing.




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Our firm takes a 360 approach to development. We focus on the project-business alignment and the ongoing support of the system. From our strategic planning to our ongoing disaster recovery, network monitoring and security scanning services we insure your project's success.


Web application development services include websites, ecommerce sites, non-profit/charity sites, and full web applications. Available in multiple languages, including ColdFusion, PHP, Node.js, and other languages, our proven project process has successfully deployed mission critical apps across the web. Database expertise includes MySQL, MSSQL, DynamoDB, PostGRE, and other NoSQL engines.

Cloud Computing

We provide needs analysis, budget consultations, security reviews, and business alignment services to help provide the best solution in the cloud for your business, web applications, or hybrid approach. For applications, we have significant experience with Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Micrsoft Azure, and other cloud/VPS providers. For business needs, solutions from Microsoft Office 365 and others are available.


Security consultation and analysis is affordable and critical to your business. Datastream has implemented security solutions for web applications, cloud infrastructures, and mobile workforces successfully for more than a decade. We focus on aligning security with the business objectives to insure you achieve user adoption; any initiative that fails to gain adoption by your users creates issues. Our methodology strikes that optimal balance to insure you can sleep at night.


Mobile development is more than just an app. In today's world, mobile needs to become your business' main internet focus. With a growing percentage of all web traffic originating from mobile smartphones and tablets, Datastream has been developing in this space for 5 years since its early days. We work with our customers on migrating websites to a mobile-friendly format while focusing on new business opportunities afforded this new technology. Datastream has also developed mobile applications for iOS, Android, and more. Our unique mobile app infrastructure allows our clients to login to a dashboard to update and change their mobile apps on the fly, with no need for their customers to download updates!

Strategic Consulting

For startups, small business, and even federal agencies undertaking new technology initiatives, Datastream understands that strategic consulting is a cornerstone to success. We have worked for more than 14 years helping kick off, upgrade, or complete major initiatives. Wasted efforts and misguided initiatives plague business and IT platforms. Clients rely on us to understand their business and map solid solutions to solve today's problems while accounting for upcoming challenges. Our startups from our incubator services group also rely on Datastream to position their companies for growth. We consult on technology not just for their web applications, but their business as a whole to insure they can grow seamlessly as a business as their web apps find success.

Product Development

In our technology incubator, we have had multiple clients come to us with wireframes, paper napkins, and powerpoint decks. From this, we are charged with iterating and fully developing these ideas into viable software applications. Over 14 years, we have managed the product development cycle for clients and love the staying power of the applications created through these joint efforts. As a recognized web application development specialists, we get to create every day. With a focus on business while blending agile product development, a pattern of wide-ranging and impactful products have been delivered and make a difference each day locally, nationally, and internationally through a new incubator effort.

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Featured Project Introduction

FoodSHIELD is a national information sharing platform...and more.

Protecting the Food Supply

FoodSHIELD provides local, state, and federal government agencies that are responsible for homeland security and protecting the public, a robust platform that connects critical infrastructure sectors to a centralized online environment in which they can build virtual communities for sharing information, collaborating, and managing emergencies.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci

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