DSCXN Participates at Cloud Matters

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mar 13

Datastream's President, Eric Hoffman, was pleased to be invited to the Canadian Cloud Council's national conference located in Banff, Alberta comprised of C-Suite executives.   As Datastream continues to expand its product offerings in the cloud, critical partnerships have emerged with our Canadian neighbors and we look forward to bringing effective and secure solutions to businesses in both countries.

The presentations and discussions amongst those in attendance were thought-provoking and we look forward to opportunities with the Canadian Cloud Council over the upcoming year.

The Canadian Cloud Council is a vendor-neutral association providing an educational forum for Canada's cloud computing thought leaders, policy makers and industry advocates.

While defining innovative and repeatable methods of enterprise cloud transformation, the Canadian Cloud Council accelerates the speed of Canadian cloud adoption and positions Canada as a global leader in the field. 

The Canadian Cloud Council’s third and most important national conference (CLOUD MATTERS) will pull the proverbial curtain back and ask a question that many people may have stopped asking, lost in the cloudy weather of complex technology, privacy and security concerns, data protectionism, and the almost comically endless stream of “things” delivered as-a-service. Why does the cloud really matter?

Is the cloud really about virtualization 2.0, dynamic scalability, accelerated IT deployment and high system availability or is it about business social transformation, innovation enablement, economic development, exponential intelligence and social revolution? Do any of these things matter if the cloud does not drive significant cost savings for the corporation deploying it?

“Cloud Matters” will ask CIO’s, CEO’s, CFO`s, CMO’s and cloud policy makers to define the cloud value proposition and why it is so important to their business, our citizens, this country’s position in the global economy and our children’s future on Planet Earth. What are the real risks of moving to the cloud - but more importantly, what are the real risks of not moving to the cloud? Why, how and when .... can we encourage government, investors and enterprises to invest in and proliferate a collaborative, thriving and globally enabled cloud ecosystem?

Golf for the Gift Updated

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Friday, March 08, 2013

Mar 08

It’s time again to make a difference for those trying to create “forever families”!  We’re back for the 6th Rod Simons Golf For The Gift of adoption Celebrity Golf tournament. Once again, we’re fortunate to tee-off for another great day at gorgeous Troy Burne Golf Club in Hudson on June 27. We raise needed funds to support grants from the Gift of Adoption Fund, which will directly impact local Minnesota families, allowing parents to reach that “financial finish line” and create their own “forever family” through Adoption!

Once again this year, Golf for the Gift has relied on Datastream Connexion for the website, social media, and mobile app management.  We appreciate another year to serve for a great cause.   We look forward to seeing you on the course!

Visit Golf for the Gift for more details.

University of Minnesota partners with Datastream

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 26

ADVET is a unique approach to continuing veterinary education that combines active, collaborative team-based learning with a convenient online format. The ADVET – Swine program is directed toward all types and levels of swine practitioners who would like to learn approaches and solutions to important issues facing the swine industry today. This program aims to provide knowledge and skills that can be immediately applied to the everyday practice of veterinary medicine.

Datastream was tasked with finding a very special type of learning management system that focused on simplicity, power, and mobility which is uncommon in today's typical solutions like Moodle or Blackboard.

We have deployed the new website and soon, the new Canvas LMS, for the U of MN College of Veterinary Medicine with their website located at   More than just a simple website, as the course matures and and the curriculum expands, we actually deployed an entire website management system to highlight all the functions of the Swine Curriculum and help market these courses.   The site is built to be clean, modern, and look great on all devices from desktop to phone;  keep a watch on this project as it will certainly be exciting watching a new era in education unfold at the University for outreach programs.

NCFPD Site Released

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Monday, November 12, 2012

Nov 12

Our long time partner, the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, has upgraded their website.  We were happy to develop version 3 of their site, reflecting today's requirements in a website including mobile capabilities.  We reorganized and streamlined the site to make it easier to navigate and find the information you need.  Whether you want to learn more about NCFPD-related research activities, information technologies tools created by NCFPD, food defense educational resources, or NCFPD collaborators, the information is at your fingertips by going to

NCFPD is socially active… meaning you can also find them via Linked In, Facebook and Twitter! 


Foundation's Mobile Apps Released

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16

A cairn is a manmade pile of stones, often in a conical form. They may mark the summit of a mountain or a memorial. Placed at regular intervals, they indicate a path across barren terrain or climbing routes. The Jon Francis Foundation (JFF), like a cairn, provides knowledge and acts as a guide to others who find themselves unwilling travelers on an unfamiliar path.

Get the JFF app to:
- Find speaking events for the foundation
- contribute photos and audio from races and events
- have access to missing persons resource information
- get alerts for missing person information
- keep up to date with foundation efforts 

We are proud to continue our support for the Jon Francis Foundation.

iPhone: Download Now

Android: Download Now

Game ON! Mobile Apps Released

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16

It was a journey through the Apple approval process so we can say the rumors are true about the process!  Regardless, we are excited to say that the Game ON! iPhone app is now released and available for FREE from the Apple Store.

Featuring streaming shows, podcasts, show shots and a taping schedule we are just getting warmed up.  We pull in all the news from your favorite teams and even include that critical parking reminder functionality so you can recall where you parked at the stadium!   We have you covered when it comes to Minnesota Sports, and we even let you get in the game:  take a picture with the app at a game and get your mug on the TV Show!

Get the app here:

Hoffman Speaks at OpenCFML Conference

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10

The mission of the Open CFML Foundation is to increase the awareness and adoption of open source CFML solutions via advocacy and education, to provide support to select open source CFML projects, and to promote the growth and development of the CFML language and related technologies.

At the Oct 9th, 2012 meeting in Washington DC, Datastream Connexion's President Eric Hoffman presented covering several topics.  Hoffman presented how DSCXN was able to leverage open source Mura CMS to develop and deploy a sophisticated ecosystem of websites to improve information sharing and collaboration between 50 states and the FDA.  Highlights included the ability to work within a single install and leverage Mura's internal data sharing capabilities, while demonstrating significant user adoption of the sites because of its ease of use for busy administrators at each state.

Further discussed was the state of ColdFusion and the community in the context of Hoffman's role as CIO for Victree, a local healthcare company in Minneapolis/St. Paul. 

For more information on OpenCFML, please visit


FDA's Food Protection Task Forces Renews with DSCXN

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sep 22

The Food Protection Task Forces, supported by the Division of Federal/State Relations at FDA, convene stakeholders in food safety. These stakeholders form Taskforces that consist of government, industry, academia, and consumer groups that create an effective state-wide infrastructure for outreach, response, and information sharing. Currently, there are 28 state Taskforces.

Datastream created a website ecosystem allowing one web infrastructure to manage all 28 websites simply and effectively.  Each task force controls their individual website, with results of the efforts sharing across all other sites and aggregating into one unified view of task force activity.

We have also implemented private, branded CoreSHIELD mini-portals for each task force and created a simple, end-user manageable mobile app infrastructure allowing each task force to manage and deploy their own iOS and Android mobile apps.

Over the upcoming year, we will continue supporting the strategic growth of the web ecosystem, as well as social media and mobile platforms.   The partnership between DSCXN and DFSR has been great, and the results are impacting food safety in the country!

PetNET Platform Continues with DSCXN

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sep 16

PETNet is a secure reporting/notification system, accessible by state and federal government officials with regulatory authority and responsibility over pet food. PETNet allows the exchange of information about pet-food related incidents, such as illness associated with the consumption of adulterated pet food or pet food product defects, between FDA, the States, and other Federal Government agencies charged with protecting animal and public health.

PETNet has elected to renew development with Datastream Connexion and the National Center for Food Protection and Defense.   By leveraging our CoreSHIELD and FormX platforms, we are able to provide innovative reporting and data capture capabilities for the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA.

National Animal Health Laboratory Network Renews Efforts

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sep 15

When a large-scale animal-disease outbreak occurs, tracking its progress and performing diagnostic tests on thousands of diagnostic samples is a big challenge. To get the job done, it is very important that all the parties involved-Federal agencies and laboratories managed by State governments and universities-communicate and collaborate effectively. The National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) now forms part of a nationwide strategy to coordinate the work of all organizations providing animal disease surveillance and testing services.

NAHLN has elected to continue growing its network on the CoreSHIELD and LabDIR technology platform developed by Datastream Connexion and the National Center for Food Protection and Defense.  The Network has been a terrific partner expanding capabilities within the system by providing the technical leadership team at DSCXN critical insight and direction.  Over the next year we will be implementing innovative features to expand NAHLN's monitoring and response capabilities.


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