Datastream President attends Security Leaders Summit, Dallas, TX

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mar 25

  Datastream President, Eric J. Hoffman, was recently invited to participate in "The Security Leaders Summit", an annual gathering of leading IT security leaders from around the country representing well-known large corporations and a handful of up-and-coming companies like Datastream Connexion.

The discussion revolved around advancing security within our organizations and with our clients.  Mr. Hoffman spent significant time in round table executive discussions reviewing various Cloud strategies and opportunities faced by the group.

In preparing our clients for the move to the cloud, there is no simple answer and Datastream approaches it on a case-by-case basis.   There are significant hurdles and security concerns that will not prevent businesses like yours from adopting the cloud, but these issues must be addressed to insure your business is not disabled if the worst happens.   Adopting the cloud for your infrastructure in general allows cost savings while still offering agility, flexibility, and scalability that could not be achieved by traditional approaches.  If you are considering the Cloud for your operations, contact us for more information about the realities of placing your operations in the Cloud.

Datastream Coordinates Web Ecosystem With FDA

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mar 17

To further enhance communications between states to protect the food supply Datastream, in coordination with the National Center for Food Protection and Defense and the Division of Federal/State Relations at the FDA, are deploying a unique web ecosystem.   The Food Protection Task Force required a web system that would allow for a parent site, and up to 50 state-based sites: one per state.   The goal is to allow task forces to communicate with other task forces, the FDA, and constituents in their state whether in the public or industry.

Datastream has been built a unique ecosystem of sites that allows each state to simply manage their web sites, and created automated plumbing behind the scenes to coordinate data flows as appropriate.   The result is a fluid ecosystem of sites that each maintain their autonomy to satisfy local state needs, yet within a framework that solves the needs of the FDA.

Contact us for more information on how we took a challenge of this proportion and delivered it so users with little to no web experience could manage their state's site.   To further put this infrastructure ahead of the curve: mobile app extensions of these sites are coming soon! 

Golf for the Gift Updated

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Friday, March 09, 2012

Mar 09

Our favorite summer event for charity, the Golf for the Gift, hosted by Game ON! host and local sportscaster celebrity Rod Simons supporting the Gift of Adoption fund, has announced the dates for the charity golf tournament at Troy Burne Golf Club.

5th Annual
Rod Simons Golf for the Gift
Benefiting the Gift of Adoption Fund
Thursday, June 21, 2012 • Troy Burne Golf Club

Follow the updates at the site we developed for Golf for the Gift at!

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