Datastream President, Eric J. Hoffman, was recently invited to participate in "The Security Leaders Summit", an annual gathering of leading IT security leaders from around the country representing well-known large corporations and a handful of up-and-coming companies like Datastream Connexion.

The discussion revolved around advancing security within our organizations and with our clients.  Mr. Hoffman spent significant time in round table executive discussions reviewing various Cloud strategies and opportunities faced by the group.

In preparing our clients for the move to the cloud, there is no simple answer and Datastream approaches it on a case-by-case basis.   There are significant hurdles and security concerns that will not prevent businesses like yours from adopting the cloud, but these issues must be addressed to insure your business is not disabled if the worst happens.   Adopting the cloud for your infrastructure in general allows cost savings while still offering agility, flexibility, and scalability that could not be achieved by traditional approaches.  If you are considering the Cloud for your operations, contact us for more information about the realities of placing your operations in the Cloud.