DSCXN Participates at Cloud Matters

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mar 13

Datastream's President, Eric Hoffman, was pleased to be invited to the Canadian Cloud Council's national conference located in Banff, Alberta comprised of C-Suite executives.   As Datastream continues to expand its product offerings in the cloud, critical partnerships have emerged with our Canadian neighbors and we look forward to bringing effective and secure solutions to businesses in both countries.

The presentations and discussions amongst those in attendance were thought-provoking and we look forward to opportunities with the Canadian Cloud Council over the upcoming year.

The Canadian Cloud Council is a vendor-neutral association providing an educational forum for Canada's cloud computing thought leaders, policy makers and industry advocates.

While defining innovative and repeatable methods of enterprise cloud transformation, the Canadian Cloud Council accelerates the speed of Canadian cloud adoption and positions Canada as a global leader in the field. 

The Canadian Cloud Council’s third and most important national conference (CLOUD MATTERS) will pull the proverbial curtain back and ask a question that many people may have stopped asking, lost in the cloudy weather of complex technology, privacy and security concerns, data protectionism, and the almost comically endless stream of “things” delivered as-a-service. Why does the cloud really matter?

Is the cloud really about virtualization 2.0, dynamic scalability, accelerated IT deployment and high system availability or is it about business social transformation, innovation enablement, economic development, exponential intelligence and social revolution? Do any of these things matter if the cloud does not drive significant cost savings for the corporation deploying it?

“Cloud Matters” will ask CIO’s, CEO’s, CFO`s, CMO’s and cloud policy makers to define the cloud value proposition and why it is so important to their business, our citizens, this country’s position in the global economy and our children’s future on Planet Earth. What are the real risks of moving to the cloud - but more importantly, what are the real risks of not moving to the cloud? Why, how and when .... can we encourage government, investors and enterprises to invest in and proliferate a collaborative, thriving and globally enabled cloud ecosystem?

Datastream Joins the Cloud Standards Council

// posted by Eric Hoffman on Monday, April 16, 2012

Apr 16

Joining technology leaders like IBM, Symantec, Rackspace, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, Datastream Connexion has become a member of the Cloud Standards Customer Council.

Security is consistently highlighted as one of the top inhibitors to the adoption of cloud computing and an area of great interest to customers. The new CSCC security working group will focus on developing high priority use cases for cloud security that reflect the issues and pain points customers are experiencing in various cloud deployment models (private, public and hybrid). A wide range of security issues including identity management, authorization, auditing, availability, data protection and privacy will be considered.

We look forward to a strong working relationship with these organizations as we start to define best practices for the cloud.

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