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At DSCXN Labs, we help startups and early stage companies refine, build and launch their technology offerings to create good in the world.

Your partner, mentor and guide

We selectively work with early stage companies assisting them with strategy, technology and sometimes investment—we become key stakeholders in each affiliate company. Building from our Connexion platform, we are able to rapidly develop proof-of-concept prototypes, so you’re ready to meet with investors in weeks rather than months.

And our own 15 years of business experience is available to you—think of us as your CTO for hire. We become team members, committed to your startup’s success. We’re ready to attend sales pitches, speak on behalf of your business, and consult with your investors, customers, and focus groups.

Become a Lab Company

Portfolio of Startups


A mobile-friendly web platform to support cancer survivors and families

Cancer Exercise Protocol


Thrivors needed a mobile-friendly web platform to take a successful offline coaching methodology—with a focus on exercise and nutrition to improve outcomes of cancer patients—and expand online. As a new startup, they needed to get to market quickly with a secure web application built on a compliant infrastructure that would appeal to older end users with challenging demographics.


Datastream was able to build and implement a minimum viable product in 14 days that enabled the startup to begin seeking customers, investment, and vendor support. Customizing our secure and robust Connexion platform, cancer patients, family, friends, caregivers and medical support staff improved communication, support, and outcomes during very trying times.


During initial releases, the platform received high marks, with participants utilizing the application more than twice a week. They saw an average improvement in energy of 35%, and a 26% reduction in pain while using the Inner Circle of family and friends 65% of the time.

Global CCCET

Connecting Global Food & Agriculture Information

Global Information Exchange


Global CCCET facilitates global information sharing through the CCCET Framework focused on open discovery and secure exchange.


Datastream was able to build and implement an international infrastructure that enabled testing from FDA, World Bank and others. Supporting the emerging CCCET Framework, all four critical modules were focused on implementing the Communication, Collaboration, Coordination, Education and Training protocols to improve security and data interchange.


Effective information exchange was demonstrated through a unique, decentralized approach leveraging open source frameworks coupled with Global CCCET customizations to create a true network of hubs that addressed information sharing concerns including compliance and security concerns around data exchange at scale.

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