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Compliance, Security, and Privacy Initiatives

Datastream Connexion is firmly committed to the privacy of our customers and the data which they store on the Connexion cloud platform. You can read more about the privacy of your account information and data in our Privacy Policy

In addition to the security of your account information, we also treat the data you store on our services with the utmost sensitivity.  A portal launched in a specific geographic region will stay in that region unless the customer performs an action to request further geographic migration or footprint expansion. Furthermore, backups and snapshots also remain in the same region in which the associated Portal resides to avoid any international data transfer issues. 

Payment Data Security

Credit / debit card purchases for customer Portal-based custom applications or services are processed by the third-party vendor Stripe. When our customers provide their credit / debit card information on our website the data is sent to Stripe, i.e., the payment data is not stored on our systems. 



All communications with Datastream Connexion and the Connexion Platform (Vinna) are transmitted over TLS (HTTPS) for all of our services. 

Connexion Platform accelerates engagement to ensure your good work can be discovered, shared and advanced to fulfill your mission.

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