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For over 15 years, we have used our development toolset to protect the food supply, to bring about adoptions for forever families, to share critical information across government agencies, and to increase the health and strength of cancer survivors.

Presenting at Adobe Summit Keynote

Announcing Datastream President Eric Hoffman will be presenting at the keynote address for Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas Nov 16th. Covering our successes in Federal, Health, and startup space, he will talk about use of Adobe technologies with Amazon Web Services to reduce costs, speed time to market, and improve long term connectivity and security of our applications.

We are additionally highlighting our use of the new API Management Suite from Adobe. We have managed to securely scale our API efforts in AWS while simultaneously providing a highly functional API subscriber portal for our partners. This suite drastically reduced our time to market in providing an advanced API suite that fronts our Connexion portals.

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