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For over 15 years, we have used our development toolset to protect the food supply, to bring about adoptions for forever families, to share critical information across government agencies, and to increase the health and strength of cancer survivors.

Re:Invent: 5 Years In

Our team is here in Las Vegas at Amazon Web Services Re:invent conference with 50,000 other engineers and IT leaders. As partners with AWS, we continue to bring cutting edge tech to our customers through our continuing education and conference activities....while leveraging the cloud for reduced costs.

Announcements from AWS come fast and furious; Datastream is adept at analyzing and rapidly adopting these new changes for our customers. Within days of the announcements, Datastream has implemented GuardDuty across its managed infrastructures; enhanced our AWS WAF protections with Trend Micro; began the process for implementing Transcribe, Translate, and Comprehend services to its Health IT platforms, and brought forth deep learning capability in Voice Activation and Chat bot capabilities with Amazon Lex and associated services.

Having been to the first Re:Invent and a beta customer helping launch GovCloud at AWS, we are proud to continue to offer our customers the groundbreaking speed of innovation AWS provides in a simple and approachable manner helping business move forward today.

#AWS #ReInvent

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