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For over 15 years, we have used our development toolset to protect the food supply, to bring about adoptions for forever families, to share critical information across government agencies, and to increase the health and strength of cancer survivors.

Comfort Cases For Children In Need

We had the privilege at the Angels in Adoption Gala in Washington, DC, to meet the terrific team behind Comfort Cases.

As we enter the holiday season, thinking of those in need, consider donating or volunteering to Comfort Cases.

On any given day, nearly 428,000 children are in the foster care system in the United States. Of the thousands of children who enter the system each year, most arrive carrying little more than the clothes on their backs. If they are afforded the opportunity to collect any personal belongings, many are then given a trash bag in which to place and carry their personal items.

Comfort Cases provides these children their own backpacks and essential supplies that they can call their own, giving them a sense of dignity as they traverse the foster care system. This measure, while simple at heart, provides them something they can call their own, which is immeasurable in value. I urge you to consider them in your gift giving.

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