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For over 15 years, we have used our development toolset to protect the food supply, to bring about adoptions for forever families, to share critical information across government agencies, and to increase the health and strength of cancer survivors.

Supporting Food Program Standards

Datastream was in Albequerque, New Mexico this week to speak with FDA's Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards conference on the advancing technologies in the FoodSHIELD platform to enhance collaboration, resolve process issues, and provide high value tools to protect America's food supply. A successful series of 7 round tables engaging over 110 people provided critical discussion and future improvements for states and federal agencies across the country to leverage tools built by Datastream. This will allow improved outcomes for all of our important food safety and defense specialists that strive daily to protect our dinner tables.

#FoodSHIELD #FDA #DSCXN #Presentation #CoreSHIELD

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