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For over 15 years, we have used our development toolset to protect the food supply, to bring about adoptions for forever families, to share critical information across government agencies, and to increase the health and strength of cancer survivors.

Datastream On Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, Datastream president Eric Hoffman was on Capitol Hill advocating for Small Business in America. He met with the offices of both Senators, and 3 House Representatives.

Multiple critical issues were discussed: crushing ACA/Obamacare problems, removing trade barriers, creating improved tax and consistent workforce pay policies, improving workforce development opportunities to help our employees, and addressing significant gaps in Small Business Set Aside programs from the federal procurement processes.

Small & micro business owners create 63% of the jobs in America, but are frequently ignored, or worse, hurt by legislation while employees, unemployed, and large corporations benefit. We would like to continue to see improvement for our workers, and ladders for the unemployed while also being considered in these legislative packages.

For small business owners we proudly serve or others we have yet to meet who would like to learn more about our future advocacy in Minnesota following our representatives advice, or in another state within the tremendous 10KSB network, please reach out. #makesmallbig #smallbusiness #letsgrowtogether

#makebigsmall #DSCXN #Advocacy #SmallBusiness

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