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Collaboration Unleashed

We create secure, trusted digital workspaces for government & industry organizations, laboratories, academic and non profits to rapidly share data, collaborate, and leverage collective knowledge.

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Collaborate Without Compromise: Redefine What's Possible

We understand the unique challenges faced by organizations operating in sensitive sectors. We've developed a cutting-edge platform that enables rapid data-sharing.


Deep Experience

Unleash the power of deep experience with our SaaS solution.



Supercharge your organization's growth and productivity.



Rest easy knowing that your sensitive data is in safe




Adapt to changing business requirements, seize new opportunities.

Working With Datastream

Our dedicated account managers, IT leadership, and support teams all focus on your mission and requirements to deploy agile, secure, and transformative solutions.

01. Let's Meet

Discuss how Connexion works and what opportunities exist to support your business or startup.

02. Partner with Datastream

Review all the features, and choose the ingredients to make your customization a special recipe.

03. Deliver Results

Deliver any customizations to workflows, look and feel, and deploy to our highly reliable and secure infrastructure.

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