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Technology and innovation.
Your business strategy will drive every technology decision.

Connection and collaboration.
Enhancing communications far beyond just sharing documents.

Compliance and security.
An intentional focus on safeguarding your data, right from the start.

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Strategic Consulting

From startups and small business, to complex enterprises and federal agencies, Datastream understands that a strategic plan is integral to success.



the successful kick off of small upgrades or new major initiatives



technology to improve processes without breaking the bank.



and recommend development options that sync with your goals

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Product Development

It’s not unusual for clients to come to us with wireframes, paper napkins, and powerpoint decks. From this, we iterate, test and fully develop these ideas into viable software applications.

  • Agile product development

  • Product development lifecycle management

  • Ideation to go-live web application development

  • Long term product & stakeholder support

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Web Application and Mobile Development

Web application development services include websites, e-commerce sites, non-profit/charity sites, and full web applications. Our proven project process has successfully deployed mission critical apps across the web.


We work in available in multiple languages.

  • ColdFusion

  • PHP

  • Node.js

  • Vue.Js 

  • Ruby / Rails


Database expertise including engines like:

  • MySQL


  • DynamoDB

  • PostGRE

  • Redis


Development of mobile applications for:

  • iOS

  • Android

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Technology Analysis, Security and Cloud.

We provide needs analysis, budget consultations, security reviews, and business alignment services to provide the best solution in the cloud, with web applications, or using a hybrid approach. 

  • Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud/VPS providers

  • Open and Closed source solutions

  • Cloud Native & Traditional Security providers for Cloud infrastructure, host and application security and monitoring

  • Compliance in the cloud

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Business Meeting

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