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Connexion Platform

The future is changing, and we are part of it.

A configurable suite of 29 apps shrinks development time while growing collaboration opportunities. We help our customers get to market fast with innovative products.


Connexion Platform

The Connexion platform is Datastream’s exclusive solutions platform. While we don’t use it for every customer engagement, we’re proud of what it can do and employ it to help our customers solve problems fast.


The Connexion Platform is a robust yet flexible suite of more than 29 core apps, that can be mixed.

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Allows your team to communicate in their preferred platform. Plug in, connect and sync.



Simply operation in any device, wether you work on a laptop, a tablet, a phone, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.


Integrated Suite of Tools

Managing multiple cloud apps is a nightmare.  Data in clouds you don't know.  We integrate the entire lifecycle of data sharing and collaboration under one roof.

With other cloud solutions, you cannot control the roadmap for your portal.

With Connexion, you drive not only how the platform is configured and branded, but also drive change in future features.

Finally, you get the best of both worlds.

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Airplane Above the Clouds

Solutions, Personified

These groups found innovation and simplicity in the Connexion Platform.

HPAI Response

Secure Data Exchange and Collaboration Platforms

25000+ users across US federal government, state, locals, industry, academics, military and 22 countries.

24 portals in use across the US

Mobile-ready, platform-agnostic structure allowed for high user adoption rate.

FoodSHIELD Portal voted #1 Food & Ag Collaboration platform.

Coordinated communication across farms and academics across the state
Custom data collection to research High Path Avian Influenza patterns
Mobile-ready, platform-agnostic that is highly visual and easy to use
Farm workers report weekly through reminder notifications

Early warning response system to notify of potential issues in Pet Food Supply
Used nationally and coordinated by FDA
Simple secured reporting forms and watch alert subscription management
Both custom aggregate analytics and actionable report data.

Connexion Platform accelerates engagement to ensure your good work can be discovered, shared and advanced to fulfill your mission.

Connexion Platform meets HIPAA, PCI, FEDRAMP and GDPR Requirements.  Learn more about our initiatives:

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